Artists Statement 2010

Natural Contacts Architectural

For inspiration in my artistic practice, I examine the relationship between nature and the built environment. Paper is my chosen material, largely due to its malleability, endless recycle-ability, and the appeal of its relative organic ephemerality. Paper is extremely versatile and durable, yet at the same time, it is weak and vulnerable: herein lies a fundamental tension, resonant with the human experience, which I attempt to highlight.

My work conveys kinetic visual movement through surface activity, employing rhythm and color as ubiquitous leitmotifs. I address a variety of formats including drawings, books, print-collages, and also site-specific installations out of my own recycled handmade papers. Smaller drawings, prints and books provide a shift in size, but yield a similar feeling of intimacy and discovery, possibly referencing an even larger scale than the installations.

In my large-scale printed-paper installations, I attempt to produce sculptures that are complimentary to a sites’ specific architecture by considering regional history, the landscape of the natural environment surrounding the site, and also by incorporating my own eclectic imagination. I use lighting to create both a sense of drama and atmosphere, through shadow and its corresponding back-lit effect, much like that of light passing through stained glass. This dynamic experience implores viewers to explore a piece, to see what discovery a change in viewpoint may reveal.

After an installation, I recycle my work by continuing to print, paint cut and glue the paper, treating it much like a quilter would fabric. This perpetual process of recycling and re-use is a way I can represent a more conscientious natural resource management, while also granting me time to develop the papers’ surface.